Every idea is borne of one before it. No vision comes to us from whole cloth; each vision is the result of glimpses and borrowings from our life’s experiences. In college, I majored in Fashion Design but never worked directly in that field. I have, however, employed my creative side to good effect throughout my career.


I have always been the one in our family who never forgot a birthday or special occasion. Every family has one. I enjoyed selecting just the right card for each recipient. The cards cost between $2.00 – $8.00 and over the course of a year, “Greeting Cards” became a line item in the household budget.


Out of my imagination and a sense of thrift, I came to believe that I could create and produce a card that would mean much more to the recipient for its originality and uniqueness.


My medium is blank cardboard, and my tools are as varied as celery stalks and pencil erasers. I hope you enjoy my Visions.